ERV/HRV Maintenance

Keeping your HRV or ERV unit clean and maintained is a necessity if you want to prevent overhead repair costs. These units increase the indoor air quality of your home, and if they are not cleaned, debris is transferred into the air that is entering your home.

When it comes to the annual maintenance of your ERV/ HRV unit, make sure the filters are replaced to enhance the efficiency of the unit. This allows your system to work efficiently and helps keep the bills low. At Clear Coil Systems, we specialize in ERV and HRV maintenance services.

How We Clean Coils & Filters?

  • Check the air intake to make sure it is clear of debris.
  • Open the main hatch so that the core and filters are easy to remove.
  • If the core is not very dirty, we brush it or pass with a vacuum.
  • A very dirty core is taken out and rinsed in a large basin of water.
  • Filters can also be vacuumed or washed if necessary.

How fast your filter and core will get dirty depends on the local air quality. Living near heavy traffic or close to dusty roads could require more frequent ERV and HRV maintenance than in a low traffic area. If you suspect that your system is in need of maintenance and repair, feel free to call our professionals for an inspection and service.

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