Fan Coil Repair/Maintenance

Clear Coil Systems provide a wide range of fan coil repair, inspection & maintenance services in Toronto that ensures the fan coils in your units are properly maintained and cleaned in functional order. Our typical inspection & maintenance job involves a filter change, repairing, and maintaining the fan coil unit.

Some signs your fan coil unit needs a repair or maintenance service includes:

  • Fan Coil Is Not Blowing Hot Air
  • Fan Coil is Not Blowing Cold Air
  • No Airflow Or Insufficient Airflow
  • Strange Smell Or Pungent Odour
  • Fan Coil Makes Excessive Loud Noise
  • Mold, Dust & Fan Coil Remediation
  • Fan Coil Retrofit & Replacement
  • Thermostat Malfunction

What’s Included In Our Maintenance Service?

At Clear Coil Systems, our fan coil maintenance service Toronto involves replacing the air filters to ensure proper airflow. We vacuum the condensation drain pan to reduce the risk of clogged drains and flooding. Not only this, our professionals do a water leak test at the end of the inspection to ensure the drain does not overflow. Our approach includes:

  • Filters are replaced
  • Fan coil units are cleaned
  • Any excess dust is removed
  • Drain is inspected for blockages
  • Any faulty components are replaced
  • Damaged wiring is replaced
  • All working parts are lubricated
  • Faulty connectors are repaired
  • All electrical wiring is inspected

With years of industry experience, we are adjudged as one of the number one choices for reliable fan coil solutions. Call our team today and we’ll get your job done in a flash.

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