Fan Coil Unit Mold Remediation

A clean fan coil unit ensures clean, fresh, and efficient airflow. By cleaning the fan coil unit, the risk of mold and water damage can be prevented which in turn can improve the longevity of your heating and cooling unit.

If you are looking for a reliable fan coil unit mold remediation service for buildings and condos in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga & Brampton, rely on our professionals at Clear Coil Systems. We are proficient in dealing with the mold problem inside your fan coil unit. Our approach involves the removal and disposal of an old fan coil unit and re-installation of a new one.

Why Opt For Mold Remediation?

It’s a better option to call in professionals to carry out fan coil unit maintenance and cleaning. Keeping the areas around the fan coil unit free from dirt, dust and debris minimizes the mold accumulation and also the frequency of fan coil unit maintenance and cleaning. Call technicians familiar with mold identification and removal if you are dealing with:

  • Mold that doesn’t have an obvious source
  • Widespread issues with HVAC mold
  • Mold growth found near vents or ducts
  • Suspected mold infestations extending to your duct insulation

Our technicians have experience with most fan coil brands and will make this remediation process as smooth as possible. Using 100% safe, non-toxic & specialized mold remediation technique, we guarantee the complete removal of mold, mildew, bacteria, and fungus contained within your fan coil system.

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